'Dead Rising 2' Skipping PAX, Games Con, Showing At TGS

The absence of "Dead Rising 2" at E3 was definitely a bummer but hey, safety first, right? It seems, though, that we're gonna have to wait a few months before we get another look at the much-anticipated, 7,000-zombies-on-screen rampage.

Speaking with Chris Kramer, Senior Director of Communications at Capcom, at a Microsoft event last night, I asked him when we'd be seeing "Dead Rising 2" next.

"You're gonna be seeing 'Dead Rising 2' next at Tokyo Game Show. 'Lost Planet 2' will have all new stuff at Tokyo Game Show, and also a couple new titles from us, as well as updates of the stuff we showed at E3."

Unfortunatly there wasn't much embellishment as to what sorta content they'll be showing, but it's definitely important news for those hoping to get a glimpse at the zombiemania at PAX or Games Con.

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