Plans for Tonight - "Fallout" vs. Microsoft

San Francisco is the hub of the gaming events world, but once a year, we band of brothers (and sisters) in NYC trump our West Coast friends. That time of year is usually right around now, when all the publishers come into our fair city to show off their wares to the publications planning holiday guides (since prep for those starts about now). It means that the slowest time of the year for game releases is usually one of the busiest, work-wise. I'm not complaining, mind ya. It's great to check out the games and have developers come to our doorstep.

Anyway, tonight Microsoft is throwing a shindig downtown and, as much as I want to go home and tear into the heart of Fallout's new DLC, "Point Lookout," it'll have to wait until after the event. Hopefully I'll get some juicy new info for ya, but if not, you can be assured that I'll spend much of it playing (and replaying) "Left 4 Dead 2."

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