Game Release Grab Bag - June 23, 2009

Despite it being near the end of June, a notoriously slow time for video games (though nothing beats July for the video game dry season), this week has a pretty solid selection of releases.

Pick of the Week: Fight Night Round 4

This isn't a huge shock, but it's good to see EA making some healthy (if minor) gameplay changes to their already-solid boxing game. Simplified blocking and mid-round minigames makes the game more approachable to newbies, while the supremely slick graphics and added variety of fighting styles makes it worth another purchase. Bad news for achievement boosters, though. Getting 1000 this time around is much harder.

The Conduit

A mature-"GoldenEye"-esque shooter coming to the Wii, complete with online multiplayer? Unthinkable! Thankfully, "The Conduit" provides nicely, with great controls and fun, creative weapons. Sure, the visuals ain't "Halo" quality, but this is the Wii we're talking about.

Overlord II

The first was a dark horse hit, with a great smattering of RPG, action and strategy elements. It may have flown under the radar, but hopefully, in the slow summer months, people will pay more attention to its visually-improved sequel.

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