'Prototype' Times Square vs. Real World Times Square (With Pics!)

As you probably know, MTV's headquarters is stationed smack dab in the middle of Times Square, so my daily commute involves trudging through the masses to get to the office. Alex Mercer, the hero of "Prototype," must do the very same thing, but in his world things are a little more hectic. I thought it might be fun to compare our two views as we make our way out of the subway and walk two blocks north to 1515 Broadway.

This is the view I see when I walk up the stairs from the subway. "Prototype" has no subway, but the layout is pretty much the same.

A close up shot on the plaque on the back of the military recruitment building. Really goes to show how much time the devs spent getting Times Square as accurate as possible.

Me and Alex were both standing at 44th and Broadway in this shot. The building on the left is MTV's headquarters.

Close up shot of 1515. It's not super detailed in the game, but corner of the building being cut into the sidewalk is accurate. Sorry to say there's no giant Gamestop banner right above the entrance, though.