Ngmoco's Neil Young: The Future Of iPhone Gaming In Augmented Reality Games

Now that the iPhone 3G S is out and about (and selling one million units in the first weekend), I was kinda wondering what the future of iPhone gaming might look like. And who better to fill in the blanks than Neil Yong of ng:moco. His company has been innovating left and right on the platform (most recently with Plus+, the iPhone's answer to Xbox Live). But he's got more in store, and it involves the 3G S and it's new capabilities.

"I think compass and video are really important, if you wanna build augmented reality games, which I think could be a really exciting category in New Mobile. You can start to make games that sit on top of the real world."

Keep in mind this doesn't mean ng:moco will be leading the charge with this games. After all, Young has already said that they have no plans for 3G S-exclusive titles. But the prospect of new technology seems to make his imagination run wild:

"The relevance there for the compass and video, being able to access the raw video stream of the camera allows you to overlay imagery on top of that, which is something you couldn't do before. You combine that with the compass you can then start understanding which objects are being looked at in the real world and you can start building really interesting things. You can mark up the real world with game data. I think there can be some pretty exciting and progressive games done there."

And how would this work in a real game setting?

"You could go a more traditional adventure game route. Imagine if the real world was marked up with treasure and traps and when you point your camera at the world, overlaid on top of the video imagery are things that other users have hidden there, or the beginnings of quests that may take you around the city."

Sounds like he'd really like to see people running around with their phones in front of their faces, zapping invisible aliens on 44th and Park. Count me in!