'Darksiders' Goes Old School With Cloth Map

"Darksiders: Wrath of War" is a decidedly old school game. The developers freely admit that they take a lot of their inspiration from "Zelda" ("'Zelda' for grown-ups" being the running tag line), with character upgrades, puzzle-based dungeons and giant boss fights.

The traditional nature of the gameplay is apparently not lost on the marketing minds at THQ, who doled out cloth maps (pictured above) at a recent press event. The cloth map, as many old school gamers can attest, was long a staple of classic RPGs like "Ultima", so it's good to see them making a comeback.

I put in a word with THQ to see if they'd be releasing these as a pre-order bonus for those who plunk down early money for "Darksiders" (which releases on January 1st, 2010). Thus far no response, but check back, we should hear something shortly!

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