MTV Interns Raid Totilo's Leftover Games

The last in a lengthy series (well, 2 videos, but whatever), today we examine the fate of Totilo's game cabinet when it's placed in the hands of interns.

Here's the set-up: If you've seen the video, you know the cabinet was awash with ancient games of varying quality. Needing extra storage space I decided that the best way to clean the cabinet out would be to fill two large boxes with the remaining games and let the folks at MTV News have their way with them. The boxes were placed in the office which houses our friendly, neighborhood interns. This is the scene moments after I sent the email blast.

And so ends the story. The games that are left-over will either be sent off to the troops or recycled, depending on their level of good vs. terribleness. I hope you've enjoyed this two-part series (and the resulting response video)!