'Fallout 3: Point Lookout' Available Right Now (Unless You Are Lazy)

Bethesda has had some snafus with their recent DLC releases, but this time it's not on them. According to Kotaku, GameStop has begun selling boxed versions of the next "Fallout 3" DLC, "Point Lookout." The box really just contains a card with a redeemable code for Xbox Live, but typing in the code theoretically allows you to download the add-on, a full four days ahead of schedule. Bethesda says no, readers say otherwise, drama ensues.

"Point Lookout," set in Point Lookout, Maryland, is, according to Jeff Gardiner of Bethesda, the largest DLC pack yet. The world map for the add-on is about one fifth the size of the Capitol Wasteland, and it features a variety of new weapons and enemies to face off on. Here's Jeff giving us the lowdown on the pack.