'Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta' To Include More Alien Weapons, Less Open-Ended

This may come from a page in the book of "D'uh" but Bethesda will be adding more alien weapons to your "Fallout 3" arsenal when the next-next DLC, "Mothership Zeta," gets released later this summer.

Jeff Gardiner, Bethesda's lead producer on "Fallout 3" DLC, wouldn't confirm what sort of weapons we'd be seeing, but he did say that you'll definitely be getting more ammo for your Alien Blaster, and there will be new galactic doodads to tool around with, as well. As for the style of play in "Mothership Zeta" he said it'll be "more action-oriented." Like "Operation Anchorage"? "Just a bit more focused [than "Point Lookout"], with less of an emphasis on exploration."

Thankfully exploration fans should get their fill with "Point Lookout," when it drops next Tuesday.