Solo Games To Play While Xbox Live Is Down

Xbox Live is down for the entire day today, so if you're looking to pwn some noobs, you've come to the wrong place. As an alternative, might we suggest these single player-only games to while the hours away? (Note: In the interest of keeping this list manageable, these games have no online components...but a great solo experience!)

Fallout 3

From a bang-for-your-buck perspective, few single-player games offer more value than "Fallout 3." Even without the DLC, you're looking at a good 40-50 hours of gameplay. Chances are by the time you put this one down you'll be just in time to play "Project Natal," let alone Xbox Live.


The sequel is coming this fall, and while that game features a multiplayer component, the original was purely a solo jaunt. Few settings in video game history have managed to be as unique (or mindblowing) as Rapture, and the enemy AI is solid enough to help you forget you're playing against the computer.


This one requires some foresight…hopefully you downloaded it before the outage but haven't managed to queue it up for whatever reason. A revolutionary puzzle/platformer with a story that's even more complex than the gameplay. An artistic treat and one of the best downloadable games ever made.

Dead Space

With the lights off and the surround-sound cranked, "Dead Space" should haunt your very Live-less nightmares. It actually manages to pull together elements from the shooter, RPG and survival horror genre really well, and there are few better ways to kill time than cutting off alien limbs.

Assassins Creed

There's some argument here, as it's by no means a perfect game, but "Assassins Creed" does a lot of things right. Best of all? The medieval-style cities literally teeming with life. "AC2" is dropping this fall, so now's a great time to play catch-up.