Nathan Drake And 'Shadow Complex' Hero Seperated At Birth?

Two of the best games that showed at this year's E3 were "Uncharted 2" and "Shadow Complex." Both are exclusive to their platforms (PS3 and 360, respectively), and both are played from different perspectives (over-the-shoulder vs. 2D side-scroller). But their heroes? Cut from the same block of wood! I couldn't help but notice the similarities, but if you missed it, here are some of the more glaring examples.

They Have The Same Sense of Style

The lone hiker with spiky hair look is definitely in, and both guys seem to be rockin' it with style. Later on in "Shadow Complex," the hero gains a power suit which boosts his abilities, but at the start at the adventure it definitely looks like they shop at the same store.

They Enjoy Vaulting

Both Nathan and the dude from "Shadow Complex" are big fans of leaping up and over things, and each of their games features plenty of platforming and scrambling up surfaces. Maybe that's just how they were raised?

They Both Have Women On The Brain

"Shadow Complex" kicks off with the hero's girlfriend getting kidnapped by mysterious soldiers. In "Uncharted"? The damn pirates take off with your lady. Thankfully "Uncharted 2" features another lady to keep an eye on, so no biggie.

They're Actually The Same Dude!

Ah yes, prolific voice actor Nolan North plays both the lead in "Shadow Complex" and Nathan Drake. Suddenly it all becomes so clear.

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