'Brutal Legend' Fans Break Air Guitar World Record

At the UK's Download Festival this past weekend, music fans gathered at a booth set up by EA to become a part of history. Their goal? To break the world record for "Most People Playing Air Guitar At One Time." The previous record was set last year, with a total of 318 people air-rocking.

The end result? They managed to break the record, with a total of 440 fans playing along to Motorhead's "Ace of Spades."

The event was organized by EA as a means of promoting the rock-centric adventure game, "Brutal Legend." T-shirts were given out to the crowd, and one lucky air guitarist won an exclusive Tenacious D electric guitar.

Is it just me or is the UK winning in the "Ridiculous Marketing Stunts to Promote Games" category? Last week THQ left a parked car filled with copies of "Red Faction: Guerrilla" on a London street. Oh, and they tied a sledge hammer to the car and pretty much let folks go wild. And how can we forget the goat decapitation for "God of War 2"? Yeah...they're definitely in the lead.