'Metal Gear Arcade' Trailer Reveals, Well, Just That

At E3, Kojima revealed that he is working on four games, and apart from "Castlevania," they're all "Metal Gear" related. The "Metal Gear Arcade" announcement was probably the most surprising, but this official trailer reveals that it's not really that much of a departure.

Graphically, the game looks a check of a lot like "Metal Gear Online." It's the arcade box that's probably the most intriguing, as it's got surround sound and apparently some sort of 3D goggle attachment that I've yet to try out. And, unless you live in Japan, you probably won't be seeing much of it either, 'cause the odds of this one hitting the states are slim to none. Kojima did say that an American release is "possible" but such an expensive set-up seems unlikely for your neighborhood Nathans.

Even if we don't end up seeing it Stateside, I'd be curious if Kojima and Konami make strides to create a more streamlined experience. You can't very well expect everyone that's walking into an arcade to create a Konami ID. Or can you?