'Green Day Rock Band': Extreme Non-denial Denial from Harmonix

Harmonix and MTV Games showed off "The Beatles: Rock Band" in MTV's Times Square headquarters yesterday, and we thought it would make for a good opportunity to ask about the the oft-rumored, basically-confirmed-but-not-quite release of "Green Day: Rock Band."

Watch John Drake, a spokesman for Harmonix, deftly dodge the question, but it's pretty obvious that we'll be hearing about the game very soon.

In case you're outside the US and can't watch the video, here's the breakdown:

John Drake, Harmonix: We have some really great artists that we're working on a lot of fronts for "Rock Band" in the future and we're going to be talking more about that coming soon.

MTV Multiplayer: So nothing to say about "Green Day: Rock Band"?

John Drake: No, but Green Day's really, really great! Wouldn't you love to see Green Day in "Rock Band"? I would also love to see Green Day in "Rock Band"! Hopefully we'll have some official news soon! [coy smile]

Touché, Harmonix!