Guillermo Del Toro: 'Flower' Is Like Haiku Poetry

In case you didn't already know, Director Guillermo Del Toro (of "Hellboy", "Pan's Labyrinth" and the upcoming "Hobbit" movie) is a huge gamer. And not one of those "Hollywood" gamers that plays "Madden" and "Halo" and tries to pass it off as being on the inside. No, this guy is all up in "Flower" and "Shadow of the Colossus", describing the former, "Like Haiku Poetry." MTV's Movies Editor, Josh Horowitz, had a sit-down with Del Toro, and you can watch him fly his nerd flag here.

There's something about Del Toro's accent that makes him soothing and easy to listen to. Could he be Mexico's answer to Peter Molyneux? Very possible!