Kratos Playable in 'Soulcalibur' PSP

By Locke Webster

NamcoBandai must be on a mission to prove that "Soulcalibur" is the most malleable 3D fighter on the market. Last year, the developer turned us on our heads after announcing that Yoda, Darth Vader, and The Secret Apprentice would join the ranks of world fighters. And this year, Kratos is jumping into the arena to show off his moves with the Blades of Chaos.

Kratos’ presence in the fighter may be quite the surprise, but it’s not entirely unexpected given that "Broken Destiny" marks the series’ first entry on the PSP (let alone any portable system) and the revered character makes for an excellent tie-in to the Sony brand. Unfortunately, Kratos was unplayable in the build on hand, though we can assure you "Broken Destiny" runs fantastically on the PSP.

A top hot wearing, mustache sporting, and otherwise odd looking character named Dampierre also joins the roster of fighters, though he was unplayable as well.