Microsoft To List Games On Demand Prices In Real Currency

By Locke Webster

Microsoft’s new Games On Demand service will be heading our way in August, providing players with an array of proper 360 titles to be downloaded over it’s Live service, but that’s not the only bright idea headed to Microsoft’s console: prices for the Games-On-Demand titles will be listed in real currency.

Microsoft’s Director of Digitally Distributed Games, Scott Austin, showed off both the Games On Demand and Avatar Marketplaces behind closed doors today and was quick to point out that the prices listed for games like "Bioshock", "Mass Effect", and "Lego Star Wars" came up in dollars, not points ($19.99 for "Lego Star Wars", though game prices will vary). Players still have the option of viewing game prices in MS Points, but we’re sure that most players will opt out of doing the mental conversion every time they purchase a new game online.

When asked if we could expect to see prices in dollars across the rest of the Marketplace, Austin quickly responded, “If there’s enough demand for it, it’s certainly possible.”

Consider this polite demand.