'Heavy Rain' Dev Wants You To Play It His Way

By Locke Webster

"Heavy Rain" may be the first real “Choose Your Own Adventure”-styled game but there’s one choice that David Cage, the game’s writer/director, would prefer you not make. And that choice involves tampering with Heavy Rain’s invisible autosave system.

Historically, players (myself included) have often used small save workarounds to ensure their games provide them with the experience that they’re after. And it’s often the case that a quick restart of the console and the loading of a previous save ends up being the easy way to make up for a game changing choice or bit of bad luck. Well Cage is urging players to not make that choice when they sit down with his cinematic thriller, "Heavy Rain," next year.

“I am going to say something a little bit strange,” warns Cage. “I would like people to play [Heavy Rain] without playing too much with the saving system. Players will get a unique experience--a unique story--that they have written themselves. They will become the actor, but also the writer and director of their experience…Each time you play you will get something new. So we would really like people to play it once, all the way through.”

We understand the director’s aim, but we’re already pretty certain that the thousands of players who’ve come face to face with "Animal Crossing’s", Mr. Resetti, will have other ideas in mind after

accidentally killing off one of the four player-characters available in Heavy Rain. Especially when such an event could keep nearly a quarter of the title’s content out of players’ reach.