Kojima Gives Birth To 'Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow'

by John Constantine

When Hideo Kojima walked on stage at Konami’s E3 press conference this afternoon, announcing that he was going to be showing off four games that Kojima Productions is working on, you could literally hear the crowd start holding their breath. They let out that breath as screams when the fourth game turned out to be ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’.

A massive open world action game, "Lords of Shadow" is being positioned as a reboot for the entire series. The trailer shows some furious 3D whip brawling and looks like it may give even “God of War III” a run for its money. The game also has a star studded voice cast including Patrick Stewart and Robert Carlyle.

“Lords of Shadow” was actually announced by Konami last year at the Leipzig Games Conference, but it wasn’t branded as a “Castlevania” game at the time, nor was it a Kojima Productions project. The game is being developed by Spanish studio Mercurysteam alongside Konami Europe producer Dave Cox. Kojima described his role in the game’s development as “helping to give birth” to the game. Wonder how Koji Igarashi feels about his baby’s new midwife…