‘Wii Sports Resort’ Delivers on WiiMotion Plus’ Promise

by John Constantine

The first thing you do in “Wii Sports Resort” is jump out of a plane. Your Mii, that adorable Nintendo-ified caricature of yourself, leaps into the air over Woo Hoo Island and plummets to the ground. This isn’t just your introduction to the game. It’s your introduction to the WiiMotion Plus’ one-to-one action. Your Mii’s whole body responds to every movement of the new Wiimote and lets you acclimate to the far more sensitive controls before throwing you into the game’s twelve sports.

New at E3 2009 are basketball, cycling, canoeing, wakeboarding, archery, table tennis, and the aforementioned parachuting. They join jet skiing, frisbee, and swordplay — all announced at E3 2008 — and returning favorites bowling and golf. Golf has received quite an upgrade since the WiiMotion Plus can better sense the force of your swing and twisting the remote will actually slice or spin the ball.

I got to try out the sword dueling on the E3 show floor. It wasn’t the most thrilling thing in the world but definitely a nice diversion from the more substantial games, like archery, in “Resort”. The dueling really shows off the precision and accuracy of the WiiMotion Plus though. Totally natural in your hand. Both “Wii Sports Resort” and the WiiMotion Plus will be out in just another month so you’ll be able to check it out for yourself then.