Miyamoto Wants the Wii Sports Resort/Wii Fit Island Island As His New Franchise

by John Constantine

In this evening’s Developer Roundtable, the indomitable Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the sticky sweet tropical paradise that players romp through in games like “Wii Sports Resort”, “Wii Fit”, and the upcoming “Wii Fit Plus” has itself a name: Woo Hoo Island. What he did say is that he’s spent a long time thinking about treating a game’s setting like it’s a specific character, a location that he can use as a license in the same way that Mario, Link, and Samus carry their own multi-title, multi-genre game franchises. Miyamoto went on to describe possible games that would be set on Woo Hoo. Say you spot a hotel while going on your morning “Wii Fit” constitutional. Miyamoto wants to set a murder mystery there! Wii “Hotel Dusk” confirmed! Nah. That would rule though.