‘Super Mario Galaxy 2’ is 90% New, 100% Awesome Looking

by John Constantine

While talking about his work with Nintendo Tokyo on the brand spankin’ new “Super Mario Galaxy 2”, Shirgeru Miyamoto revealed that the project started out brand spankin’ old.

The team had many ideas that didn’t make it into the original “Galaxy” and wanted to see them to completion so they, alongside Miyamoto, began working on what the legendary designer called “Super Mario Galaxy 1.5”. The team got so inspired however that they decided to make a bonafide sequel. Miyamoto said that 90 to 95% of “Galaxy 2” is all new and the game will be roughly as long as its predecessor.

As you can see from the trailer from this morning’s press conference, the biggest change to “Galaxy”’s formula is the return of everyone’s favorite gluttonous dinosaur, Yoshi. While riding Yoshi, Mario has access to all the same gravity defying skills as before, as well as the li’l green monster’s ability to gobble up enemies. For the “Super Mario Bros 3” fanboy, the “Galaxy 2” trailer also shows off the return of Giant World levels. Everyone everywhere loves giant Goombas.

Miyamoto said at the Developer’s Roundtable that “Super Mario Galaxy 2” is well into development and the only reason it’s not coming out in 2009 is that “New Super Mario Bros Wii” will be releasing this fall. Come on, Nintendo. You know as well as we do that you can never have enough Mario.