Tony Hawk Not Worried About Project Natal

In an interview with Tony Hawk, who is at E3 promoting his new skateboard-centric peripheral, "Tony Hawk Ride," we asked whether he was concerned about Project Natal. Microsoft's experimental tech promises to rid the world of controllers, and even showed off a kid playing a skateboard game by just standing on his carpet. Yep, no expensive gear required! So does this mean Hawk's game will be obsolete?

"We actually tried to get [Tony Hawk Ride] running with a camera, but it wasn't accurate enough. Plus you can't really do ollies, grabs and flips when you're just standing on nothing."

It's pretty shocking that Microsoft would cannibalize a game that was so heavily featured at their own press conference, but considering Project Natal isn't supposed to drop until 2010 at the earliest, you should have plenty of time with your skateboard controller before you may have to trash it.