Take An EXCLUSIVE Look Behind The Scenes At 'Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series'

By now you've had plenty of time to see "Terminator Salvation" the movie and play "Terminator Salvation" the game. But wait, there's more! In an unheard-of display of synergy, Warner Bros and franchise owner The Halcyon Company have distinguished themselves by releasing the first officially studio-produced machinima spin-off series for a movie. If you don't know what machinima is then you clearly haven't been keeping up with your Red Vs. Blue.

This particular series focuses on Moon Bloodgood's character, Blair Williams (as in the game, she lends her voice as well). It will run for six episodes -- the first was released on May 18 -- as Williams tracks a hacker known as "The Ghost." The series relies entirely on in-game assets, and the production was overseen by "Salvation" director McG. Check out the video below for an inside look.