Mad Catz Breaks Microsoft's Wireless Stranglehold

For some reason, Microsoft didn't want to let anyone else make wireless controllers for the 360. It took serious cajoling from Activision and EA just to make wireless instruments a possibility. But now it appears that ol' MS is opening the floodgates, as they've just signed a multi-year agreement with Mad Catz, allowing them to produce a wide variety of wireless controllers.

Well, actually the deal is very specific. According to the press release, "Mad Catz has global rights to manufacture, market and sell Xbox 360-branded wireless specialty videogame controllers." This sounds like we won't be seeing any standard 360 controller wireless redesigns anytime soon.

We will, however, probably see a smattering of fight pads, joysticks and flight yokes. Great news, but I'd still love to see someone take a stab at redesigning the standard controller's d-pad. It's the one weakness in an otherwise excellent piece of hardware.