Knightfall: Warner Bros. Interactive Announces Delay for 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'

Uh-oh, is this Bane's doing? Last week, Warner Bros. Interactive announced that the upcoming game starring DC Comics' nocturnal detective is slipping from a Summer 2009 release to an end-of-summer timeframe.

The highly anticipated game reunites creators and actors from the beloved Batman animated series of the 1990s, with writer Paul Dini providing the game's plot, Kevin Conroy voicing Batman and Mark Hamill returning as the Joker.

Batman games of the past have been pretty weak offerings and scheduling delays usually mean some aspect of the game needs work. However, the bigger problem might be the typical yearly release cycles for video games. Summer tends to be a quiet time for game releases, as publishers finish up their high-profile holiday titles. Sliding out into what may eventually become August or September puts "Arkham Asylum" right up against EA's annual "Madden" juggernaut or the early start of the end-of-year release madness.

Do you think the Dark Knight stands a chance based on what you've seen so far?