Game Diary - April 24, 2009: The Fate of the Diary

Info about the future of this Diary and what's happening today are below.


Of course I didn't play any games yesterday. Still too much to do with this job-change. Today will mostly be a house-cleaning day as well, though I will provide a couple more posts, including one about this blog's exciting -- but still somewhat secret -- future. Tracey will also have a new entry of her excellent daily game developer/publisher/publicist/etc Twitter report.

For those interested in the future of my daily Game Diary, I'm happy to say that it will continue. I don't expect it to appear at Kotaku. Instead, look for it to return on, a site that will be up and running as soon as I sort a little hosting issue out. I won't be at Kotaku until May 4, but I hope to have the Diary up and running this coming Monday. Follow me on Twitter if you'd like. I'll be sure to post a note about it there once it's up.

See you soon, Diary readers!