The End Of My Run, MTV Multiplayer's Next Step

It is with no regrets and much pride in what we've accomplished at MTV Multiplayer, that I am leaving MTV News this Friday after a wonderful four-year run.


Since I started working at MTV News in May of 2005, I worked every day of it in service to the readers and the audience, both the one MTV News had and the one I hoped it could attain. Today's the day I, sort of, say goodbye.

I covered video games for four years as I hoped gamers who cared about games would want them to be covered. I'm proud of the hundreds of stories I've reported and written for MTV News and the gaming blog we founded two years ago, the one you're reading right now. I'm equally proud of the hundreds of other stories I've worked on with MTV News' talented editors, producers, correspondents and, most especially, my fellow bloggers at MTV Multiplayer.

Four years is a good run. In that time I've interviewed Shigeru Miyamoto and Cliff Bleszinski several times, attended multiple E3s and interviewed everyone about video games from 50 Cent to Wisam, a young man in war-torn Baghdad who just wanted the electricity and the safety that would enable him to someday play "Metal Gear Solid 4." I even found time during my four years to get trounced by Soulja Boy in "Gears of War 2."

My chapter at MTV wraps at the end of the week. I've been offered a wonderful opportunity that you'll be hearing about soon. Don't worry, it's not game development. It is games journalism.

And so I will leave MTV Multiplayer on Friday, looking forward to watching its continued growth as a reader. I am working with MTV to ensure that Multiplayer can have a promising future. More on that later this week.

I'll save my thank yous and my reflections for the days to come. Stick with me and Tracey for the rest of the week, as I'm not going anywhere yet.

I'll miss my MTV. But I will cheer it and Multiplayer every step of the way.