'GTA' Mystery Seemingly Solved: What 'Mr. Wong's Laundromat' Is

A mysterious tease for a new feature for "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" appears to refer to a new online game that connects to Rockstar's DS hit.


When I logged onto the Rockstar Social Club yesterday to check my "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" stats, I found a tease to an upcoming feature called "Mr. Wong's Laundromat."

I thought the Laundromat might unlock more missions in the DS game, as the Guardian Lions did.

The Rockstar site didn't elaborate. People on message boards didn't seem to know. Thankfully, the website for the stats-tracking and Internet service "Chinatown Wars" uses, does have the info.

This is from GameSpy Technologies' company description of the services it provided to Rockstar:

Once at the Rockstar Social Club, registered users can also play Flash games like Mr Wong’s Laundromat to unlock additional cash that can be spent back in the game. GameSpy’s custom work links money earned out of game straight back into your in-game funds to spend on bigger guns and more ammo (and you can never have enough of that).

So... a web game that connects to the DS game.

I contacted Rockstar for confirmation but haven't heard back yet. If I do, I'll share any more details they offer. Something to look forward to, fellow "Chinatown Wars" gamers?

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