Almost 2000 People Have Jumped Through 'GTA' DS End-Game Hoops

In the past 20 days, many people have taken measures that it seemed only the most hardcore players of "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" would ever consider.


Back in late March, I wrote that I was the 34th person of 95 to have ...

1) Completed Rockstar Games' DS debut, "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars"

2) Gone onto the developer's registration-required Rockstar Social Club website

3) Hooked their DS to Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection

4) Synced their stats

5) Received an unlock prompt over wi-fi that two statues had sprouted in the game

6) Found the statues

7) And then synced their stats with the Social Club a second time.

Maybe it was amazing that even 95 people did all that? The reward was two new missions in the game, missions that I thought were pretty good.

I checked the Rockstar Social Club today to see just how many more people had done all that. The count, as of this writing, is 1,912.

That's a lot of people to have jumped through all those hoops -- but it's also a small enough number that if you've played those two bonus missions you can consider yourself to be in rare company.

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