'Guitar Hero' Wii Shouldering Some Blame In TV Show Divorce

'In Treatment'Video games get a convincing depiction in the new season of HBO drama "In Treatment."


Monday's partial season-premiere of the HBO therapy drama "In Treatment," portrayed a sixth-grader whose parents are getting a divorce.

The reason for his parents splitting up are myriad and will be explained through every third episode in the show's five-patient, five-episode cycles. But at least in this first episode, Oliver cites one of the reasons he doesn't want to stay with his dad -- and would rather live in his mom's house -- is video games. He explains  that his dad takes over the Wii and plays "Guitar Hero" on it, loudly, with friends late into the night. Oliver can't sleep. His mom finds the dad's behavior childish. The dad also wants Oliver to spend the dad's money to order food; rather than making food for his son.

None of this is played for laughs but as the beginnings of the awkward, emotional discovery of how a child is coping with the separation of his parent.

Readers of this blog know that I find sightings of games in other media interesting; in this case I can buy how the game and the system fit into this scenario.