One-liner: Why Wolverine Wears Indestructible Pants

"As far as the pants go, if you notice his shirt totally gets all ripped up. Well, we used to have it where it was just this [crotch area] -- we call it a 'no-zone' [area that doesn't get torn away]. But then seriously, within five minutes, Wolverine's just walking around in daisy dukes and it just looked weird. So we're like, you know what dude, let's just move the no-zone down to here [the calf area] and within five minutes, it looked like he had on clam diggers or capri pants. So we made it so that the pants actually don't get ripped away because it looked too strange. We actually went through a ton of iterations of that. It was pretty funny."

-- Raven Software producer Jeff Poffenbarger at a GDC demo explaining to me why Wolverine's jeans in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" never get badly torn away like his shirt