Game Developer Twitter Report: Rock Stars And Tattoos

Who played video games with Jimmy Eat World? Who's getting a Zero Punctuation tattoo? Find out.


alex_navarro - 3:00pm EST: Just played "Kickstart My Heart" on RB2 with dudes from Jimmy Eat World. This can only be considered a win.

-- Alex Navarro - Moderator, Harmonix

HMXCasey - 2:00pm EST: God, all these news stories about Brutal Legend are driving me nuts. Between that and The Beatles: Rock Band, September is going to be nuts!

-- Casey Malone -Designer/Cake-lover, Harmonix

mittense - 2:00pm EST: As interesting as the co-op game scene has gotten lately, I'd like to see more games attempt to recreate a team dynamic in single-player.

-- Trent Polack - Game Developer, Stardock

SixOkay - 1:00pm EST: Oh Dark Void, how easily you fill my need for more Rocketeer. Thank you for that.

-- Justin - "Gears of War" Community Manager, Microsoft Game Studios

sargonas - 1:00pm EST: So its decided. Next week Ariel and I are getting matching tattoos of the little monster critter from Zero Punctuation!

-- J Eckert - Operations Manager for Rupture, Electronic Arts

jchausse - 10:00am EST: One of Blizzard's AFD pranks might backfire - I'm not buying Starcraft 2 unless it actually contains the Terratron:

-- Jeff Chausse - Web Director, Harmonix

Cronotriggers - 10:00am EST: Am I the only one that dreamt of flying an Arwing to school? I certainly hope not:)

-- Matthew LoPresti -Designer, Powerhead Games

deliciousbees - 9:00am EST: GDC flu has claimed another victim.

-- Dan Teasdale - Senior Designer, Harmonix

derek_omni - 4/2, 10:00am EST: Overheard from a focus tester: "wouldn't it be great to have a FPS in a record store" -- no I will not give you a job with ideas like this

-- Derek Daniels - Combat Designer, Activision


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