'No Plans' For 'Brutal Legend' Guitar Controller Compatibility

Creator Tim Schafer explained why the metal-themed game won't make use of the guitar-controller peripheral at this time.


"Brutal Legend" was originally going to be published by Vivendi Universal, but when Activision merged with that company, the game wound up at EA. But whether it would have landed at Activision or EA, the natural question kept coming up: would this metal-inspired game be compatible with the guitar controllers used for Activision's "Guitar Hero" or EA/MTV's "Rock Band"?

That was asked again of creator Tim Schafer after he demoed the game to Stephen and other reporters during GDC. "I was trying to figure out how you would throw down the controller and pick up the guitar," Schafer remarked, adding that there are "no plans" for guitar-controller compatibility.

Stay tuned for Stephen's impressions of the game.