Game Diary - April 3, 2009: The Tracey Edition

Yeah, that's right. Tracey's game diary. Stephen took a well-deserved day off (even though he just magically posted his diary as I was writing this)... But I still get to do whatever I want.


Last night, I started a solo guitar career in "Guitar Hero: Metallica." There are obvious similarities to "Guitar Hero: World Tour" but, of course, it's all Metallica-themed. I only played a few songs but this weekend I plan on trying some of the lead designer's suggestions (including trying the double bass pedal) and recruiting more members for my awesome band Sartorial Zombie.

When I was at my local video game store earlier in the day I overheard someone say if it wasn't for Metallica, they'd never buy another "Guitar Hero" game again. I also have a few metalhead friends who don't own any other music games but are planning to pick this up. That made me wonder what band could top the widespread appeal of Metallica. The Beatles, AC/DC, Aerosmith -- all done. "Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin"? Good luck getting that one.

I also played some "Trivial Pursuit" on the Wii with my boyfriend (we love board games). But I was bothered by two questions: a "Geography" question that said, "Where did the movie 'Lilo and Stitch' take place?" (Hawaii) and a "Science and Nature" question that said, "Where did the movie '28 Days Later' take place?" (England)

I'm not making this up. How are those questions related to their topics?!? We may have chosen the special movie edition questions along with the classic ones, but putting those questions in those categories still doesn't make any sense. I became enraged and quit the game.

Anyway, for those missing Stephen, he'll be back in full force on Monday, and I'm sure he'll have plenty of games to talk about after his three-day weekend. But today, you're stuck with me!