Game Developer Twitter Report: The Urge to Nerf

Who wants to start bringing semi-automatic Nerf guns to meetings? Find out.


djaffe - 2:00pm EST: just bought an ASIA album from itunes! F---ING SWEET!....ah f--- off, you snobs!!! :)

-- David Jaffe - "God of War" game director, founder of Eat Sleep Play [Note: Expletives edited.]

mittense - 2:00pm EST: Game source code architecture changes are "fun" because you reorganize something and everything ever made ever breaks.

-- Trent Polack - Game Developer, Stardock

CorvusE - 2:00pm EST: Got my first batch of post-GDC emails and LinkedIn/FB invites out.

-- Corvus Elrod - freelance writer, indie game designer

cowpiesurprise - 2:30pm EST: Wishing iTunes allowed you to search all of the shared libraries on a network. Then maybe I could listen to some Gorguts today.

-- Rob Weychert - Developer, Harmonix

majornelson - 1:00pm EST: Did you ever wish you had a giant semi-automatic Nerf gun with unlimited ammo that you could wield while in a meeting? Me too. Right now.

-- Larry Hyrb - Director of Programming, Xbox Live

Weezul - 11:00am EST: Godfather 2 ships this Tuesday. If you didn't have plans to get this game, make some. Its 1K better then the 1st one. I <3 it!

-- Jon - Online Marketing Manager, Electronic Arts

jchausse - 10:00am EST: Walking to our other building to send a fax. I wish other companies would get into the 90's, and our building would get into the 80's.

-- Jeff Chausse - Web Director, Harmonix


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