Argument: The Trouble With Medics In 'Killzone 2'

Our intern Sal unlocked the medic class in "Killzone 2," tried to be a nice guy -- and got scolded for it! Check out his report from the virtual battlefield:


by Sal Basile, MTV Intern

Last week I unlocked the Medic class for "Killzone 2". Remembering Stephen's predicament last month, I was eager to start reviving my teammates.

However, reviving someone in "Killzone 2" seems to have drawbacks.

In the first game I played as a medic, "Get away from me!" was the last thing I heard before a barrage of swear-words was thrown at me. I had just revived a downed teammate. Puzzled, I asked my teammates why the player was so outraged. I was met with some justifiable points.

Low ammo and equipment carry over when you are revived in "Killzone 2". I never saw this as a problem in the other class-based shooters I have played (IE: "Battlefield 2") but ammo seems to be extremely limited in this game. With "increased ammo" being one of the many unlockables in the game, all the players who haven't progressed far enough yet start games with only enough ammo to score 2 or 3 kills.

Picture this: you've used all your ammo and desperately pull out your pistol for one last stand before death. You're killed but are perfectly content with waiting to re-spawn with your meager, yet full, ammo count. Instead, I run by and zap you alive. Now you have zero ammo, no grenades, and are in the middle of the battlefield you just died in.

I guess I would hate me too.

"Killzone 2" further infuriates players by making a down count as a death. If you're killed next to a gun turret and a Medic feels like racking up his points, he can continuously revive you as you get killed by the turret every time you stand back up. This wouldn't be so bad if each down didn't count as a death.

This isn't always the case, as I have heard "thanks a lot" and "thank god, a medic" after reviving teammates as well. I believe fewer people would be scared of my revival tool if the next patch removed the penalty of being downed. I believe a kill should be rewarded, but a death should only count if time runs out before a medic can get to you. This would make medics more sought-after and much more fun to play.

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