Game Developer Twitter Report: April Fool's Day Edition

Which studio has a camera in their office bathrooms today? Which developers are enjoying some of the pranks? And who's not? Find out.


HMXCasey - 3:00pm EST: Cameras in the bathrooms here at Harmonix. Not entirely sure if it's April Fool's related or not.

- Casey Malone - Designer/Cake-lover, Harmonix

dan_schmidt - 12:00pm EST: The video camera in Harmonix's restrooms is a great April Fool's joke... uh, right?

-- Dan Schmidt - Developer, Harmonix

vcope - 3:00pm EST: My desk area when I walked in today

-- Valerie Cope - PR/marketer, NinjaBee

fizzbang - 2:30pm EST: As always, Blizzard wins April Fool's Day, particularly with the "Forced RP Speak" script they put on their forums

-- Fred Zeleny - Designer, Bethesda Softworks

christilton - 2:30pm EST: Maybe it's just me, but Blizzard's April Fool's jokes don't seem any more absurd than everything else in their games.

-- Chris Tilton - freelance music composer

ChrisA9 - 2:00pm EST: Okay internet f--- this April Fools shit. I don't what news to trust anymore so preface it with THIS IS REAL or NOT APRIL BULLS---. Sigh.

-- Christian Arca - Lead Designer, Agora Games [Note: Expletives edited.]

Cronotriggers - 1:00pm EST: The april fool's about playing Col. Campbell in the next Metal Gear would actually be pretty cool.

-- Matthew LoPresti - Game Designer, Powerhead Games

majornelson - 12:00pm EST: Looking for the Opt Out box to check for April Fools jokes

-- Larry Hyrb - Director of Programming, Xbox Live


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