GDC Chain Interview Stage 3: It Ends With A Question About Underwear

Here concludes gaming journalism's first Chain Interview. In yesterday's middle installment we had Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime wondering why Capcom hadn't made a "Wii execution" of "Resident Evil 5" and other recent Xbox 360 / PS3 hits. An answer was forthcoming -- as was a discussion about underwear with a famous game designer.


Let me set the scene for you. I walked out of San Francisco's Hotel Palomar on Wednesday afternoon last week and headed to a street full of art galleries. In one gallery was an event for "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite." At the front desk of the event was Chris Kramer, communications director for Capcom. With minimal small talk, I hit him with Reggie's question and Kramer replied.

Chris Kramer, communications director, Capcom, responds: "Both 'Resident Evil 5' and 'Street Fighter IV' were designed for high-definition graphics systems using Capcom's current in-house engine called MT Framework. To get 'RE5' or 'Street Fighter IV' out on the Wii, we would have to create all-new versions of both of these games, which is something we're not opposed to doing. So the intention of both 'RE5' and 'Street Fighter IV' was to go for graphical showcases, which is not what the center of the bullseye Wii is aiming for. However, we do have a lot of 'Resident Evil' action happening on the Wii and hopefully we will have more in the future."

It was not my job to question the members of the chain interview, only to keep the connections going. So I asked Kramer to link us to my first Thursday appointment: an interview with "PixelJunk" lead developer Dylan Cuthbert from Q Games. He was excited, because he's a fan of those games.

Chris Kramer question for Dylan Cuthbert: "How have you guys gotten the freedom to make such awesome games? You get to do things that are as much art as they are creating a product."

Kramer, whose successful company used to employ the artsy developers at Clover Studios, wanted to know how such a smaller company could pull off the "PixelJunk" creative success and chugging along. So, I finished my Cuthbert interview with his question.

Dylan Cuthbert responds: "Because we make them cheaply. 'PixelJunk' is funded by us. We don't care about the market."

Brimming with confidence -- he was, after all, showing an expansion of "PixelJunk Eden" that was created because of fan demand -- Cuthbert agreed to give me a question for the next link in this thing: Lionhead chief Peter Molyneux. I was about to ferry a question from one Englishman to another.

Dylan Cuthbert question for Peter Molyneux: "What color underwear are you wearing?"

Seriously. That's what I had to ask. Thanks, Dylan.

So… I went to interview Molyneux. He's a cheerful man. We've chatted several times before. I told him I needed to keep the chain going and presented Cuthbert's question. Molyneux, who was seated in a big comfy chair and was wearing jeans and a sweater, thought for a moment.

Peter Molyneux responds: "It's either mauve or it's blue. I'll just have to check. [peers down to his belt line and peeks]. It is actually blue."

It's good that we know that. I only had one appointment left. It was to see the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" game. I knew there weren't going to be any developers there who would be able to answer any questions, but I let Molyneux offer one anyway.

Peter Molyneux question for the "Batman" developers : "What color underwear does Batman wear?"

As expected, no one at the "Batman" meeting could answer this question in an official capacity.

Chain broken.

So the GDC 2009 Chain was…

  1. Boyd Multerer
  2. Ben Mattes
  3. Clint Hocking
  4. Brian Fleming
  5. Tim Schafer
  6. Pete Wanat
  7. Andrew Oliver
  8. Reggie Fils-Aime
  9. Chris Kramer
  10. Dylan Cuthbert
  11. Peter Molyneux

That's a bit of a boy's club, but still..not bad, right?

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