Game Developer Twitter Report: Fake 'Modern Warfare 2' Screens and Facebook Fatalities

Which Midway developer is delivering fatalities in Facebook? Find out.


hecterrific - 2:00pm EST: Spring Cleaning my Facebook friends. It's invigorating! take that dude I NEVER talked to in High School but keeps sending me quiz requests!

hecterrific - 2:00pm EST: take that, conceited girl I hooked up with in 1997! The years ain't been kind, have they?

-- Hector Sanchez - "Mortal Kombat" Producer, Midway

fourzerotwo - 3:30pm EST: BEFORE this even becomes a news story (because I know it will) THIS IS A FAKE. A well done fake, but still fake. Sorry

-- Robert Bowling - Director of Communications/Community Manager, Infinity Ward

lucasartsgames - 2:00pm EST: What do you get when you throw 12,000 people into a convention center that has A/C running on overdrive? Apparently, you get a cold. #GDC09

-- LucasArts

christilton - 2:00pm EST: Am I the only one who escaped GDC without The Plague?

-- Chris Tilton - freelance music composer

_Aether_ - 2:30pm EST: I am trying to focus on editing an interview, but I've got programmers talking their programmer language behind me, and I can't concentrate.

-- Troy Hewitt - Associate Producer/Community Lead, Carbine

crackedactor - 2:00pm EST: Last day of the month - it's newsletter day. Write write write, screenshot, screenshot, screenshot!

-- Tami Baribeau - Community Manager, Metaplace

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