Game Diary - March 31, 2009: A Summer Disconnect

While playing "Far Cry 2" last night, my mind was wandering. This can happen easily, because "Far Cry 2," though it is a first-person shooter, is a relaxed game. There's a lot of driving through countryside. Driving through countryside = time to think.


While playing "Far Cry 2," it was this summer's video games that I was thinking of. I was thinking of "summer" in Hollywood terms, meaning a season that begins some time in May. For fans of summer movies, the season is taking clear shape.

"Star Trek" trailers are running in Times Square. "G.I. Joe" ads and "Transformers" sequel chatter are increasingly common.

I'm getting a sense of what the summer movies will be.

I'm also getting a sense of what the summer games will be: "Batman: Arkham Asylum," "Ghostbusters," "Infamous" and others. These may all be good games, but what they are clearly not are spin-offs from the big movies this summer. I don't hold that against them.

There will be summer of 2009 movie spin-off games. We ran a trailer for one just last week.

But the big summer movies look like they may be competing on the store shelves with a roster of solid summer games that have nothing to do with the Hollywood of 2009.

I'm predicting a summer disconnect, with a  bunch of blockbuster-like games that have not a thing to do with the blockbusters playing at a theater near you. Which big-budget epics will you favor? I like the ones I can play.

Next: It's a Tuesday, so I won't be playing games. Still, it'd be nice to finally play any of the fistful of DS games I've been carrying in my ziploc.