Game Developer Twitter Report: Earthquakes, 'Modern Warfare 2,' Post-GDC, More

Which developers endured the earthquake in San Francisco? What's up with "slimy ball" in "Modern Warfare 2"? Find out.


Sega - 2:00pm EST: 4.3 earthquake in San Francisco. Everyone in the US SEGA offices felt it, all are fine. Nothing on my desk even fell over.


crackedactor - 2:00pm EST: Didn't feel SF area earthquake - Now, the NFS Shift online marketing program I'm reviewing, that's earthshaking : )

-- Jaap Tuinman - Online Community/Social Marketing, Electronic Arts

autenil - 2:30pm EST: I can't read Japanese, but I get to debug an EQII client running with the Japanese language. Fun!

-- Joshua Kriegshauser - Tech director on "EverQuest II," Sony Online Entertainment

HMXCasey - 2:00pm EST: HENRY HATSWORTH HAS ARRIVED. Maybe I should call out sick and get some tea-swilling adventure time in...

-- Casey Malone - Designer/Cake-lover, Harmonix

voMethod - 1:00pm EST: Thanks all for the good luck wishes on the GDC was so much fun i may do it again next year...

-- Seth Gibson - Technical Director, Bungie Studios

fourzerotwo - 3:30pm EST: - Probably my favorite teaser analysis so far. "1:04 - Guy on the left says “slimy ball” !? - lol

-- Robert Bowling - Director of Communications/Community Manager, Infinity Ward

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