This Video Game Came With Worms [photos]

To go along with their new DS title "Lux-Pain," Ignition Entertainment sent me a box of "Larvets" which according to the box are "original worm snax." That's right -- worm snacks.


The note that came with the game simply said, "We would 'Larvet' if you would cover Lux-Pain!" Yeah, it came with puns, too.

So what does this game have to do with worms? According to the box, worms called "Silent" infect a place called Kisaragi City and cause its citizens to commit terrible crimes.

But for me, the only thing these worms are doing is making me lose my lunch. Check out the pictures to see the nutritional information, and then watch me eat them:

Okay, so I lied about eating them. No way. But I might try to get Stephen to eat them in the next Lunchtime Video. (I know he likes BBQ.)

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