New Game From Team ICO Will Be Like 'Ico' [GDC 2009]

At the start of the Q&A session during the "Evolving Game Design" panel, Suda51 had questions for his fellow panelist, Fumito Ueda, the lead designer of revered titles "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus."

"I think I'll represent everyone here by asking Mr. Ueda: When is your new game going to happen?" Suda said. After some laughter and applause, Ueda replied, "The Japan studio bosses are here so I can't say anything specific, but it might be something similar to what's been done. ... The essence of the game is rather clsoe to 'Ico.'" As Suda asked more questions, Ueda then pleaded, "I can't talk about this anymore! Don't ask anymore questions please! As soon as I stop talking they're going to shoot me!"