'DJ Hero' Spotted At SXSW, Platforms And Site Revealed

Hip-hop site URB noticed a DJHero.com banner at last week's SXSW event and started piecing together clues about an intriguing music game that's now got an official website.


Credit URB.com for noticing that a set by hip-hop's DJ Shadow following a "Guitar Hero"-promoting Metallica performance at the just-concluded SXSW music festival included a banner for Activision's next big music game: '"DJ Hero."

The site is following a trail of breadcrumbs that lead them to deduce that DJ Shadow will be among the DJs included in the game.

They also report that a DJ Hero Twitter feed is following them (and a who's who of hip-hop turntablists).

Of greatest interest to gamers so far may be that DJHero.com website from DJ Shadow's banner. The official page is little more than a placeholder now, but it reveals at least one key detail: "DJ Hero" is coming to the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation (PS3, one would assume). Development studio Freestyle Games is listed as attached to the project, as has previously been reported.

While "DJ Hero" has been alluded to by Activision executives, the game has yet to be promoted through the gaming press. It has at least one competitor in the making: "Scratch: The Ultimate DJ," which had its debut trailer featured here last week.

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