Blizzard Authenticator App Coming to iPhone, iPod, Mobile Devices

Players of "World of Warcraft" and Blizzard's other games will be able to use a tool that offers additional security for their accounts, accessed on a mobile device.


A new support page on, Blizzard's online gaming service, gave details about a new Blizzard Authenticator app. According to the page, "The Mobile Authenticator is an optional tool that offers account users an additional layer of security to help prevent unauthorized account access."

It will also work for those who play "World of Warcraft," which hasn't been yet migrated into to the same platform as Blizzard's other games. Blizzard is also currently working on transitioning players' "World of Warcraft" accounts into a account that will span across all Blizzard games.

The page did not mention which devices the Authenticator app would work for, though it did say it will work with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application is not available yet, and no release date details were provided.

The full FAQs are here. [via WoW Insider]

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