Capcom's Must-Do List For 'Resident Evil 5' Players

The game you've been waiting years for is finally here. We asked the makers of "Resident Evil 5" to share the essential things we've got to try in the new installment of the series. Here's what producer Masachika Kawata had to say in our "must-do" list (and why you shouldn't eat the eggs!):


Capcom's Must-Do List For Players of

"Resident Evil 5"

(Xbox 360/PS3, March 2009)

As written by producer Masachika Kawata, translated from Japanese:

Neck Twist /Silent Knife Defense Trick

Attack Majini's legs and get his back. Use Action button to throw neck twist /silent knife. Majini will immediately die and emergence of Plaga can be controlled – it's a great trick!

Finish with a BLOW!

Sandwich an enemy with a partner and individually throw attacks with bare hands to finish him with an ultimate blow. First, attack his arms and get his back. Next, throw kick/knee kick with Action button.

Partner throws body attacks on the staggering Majini to further hold him down. Then, you walk up to him to finish with a blow using Action button. This is a very difficult combination to coordinate so that when you can nail it, the force will be unquestionable.

"Enjoy the excitement and exhilaration of watching the truck lose control and roll over."

Aim and shoot driver on the armored truck

If you aim and shoot the driver of the armored truck on Chase Stage with Rider Majini, you can easily get rid of the truck. You can also enjoy the excitement and exhilaration of watching the truck lose control and roll over.

Kill Licker with one attack

Tricky movements are Licker's strength, but if you hit Action button at the same time he jumps off to attack you, and you can get him down. Get closer to him and hit Action button again to use the knife. You can kill him with a single attack. Use good judgment when you are surrounded by lickers and you can always find ways to break through, even in desperate times.

100% Target Rate

The target rate on record actually reflects past 100 counts. So you can always improve your score to get 100% even if you miss a target. This will be a great challenge for super competitive people!

Use the Machine Gun VZ61 to avoid filling up your item slots with ammo

The revamped Machine Gun VZ61 can be further remodeled to increase the loading cap up to 300. Hold the enemy down with the VZ61 and throw some attacks with bare hands to maintain a space on Item Slot to keep fighting.

"If you eat [an egg] by mistake, a surprising amount of energy will be lost."

Use eggs (rotten?)! But don't eat them

(Rotten) eggs can be powerful weapon when thrown. One egg can kill a Majini! Be careful not to eat it since "eat" option is usually given when you have an egg. If you eat it by mistake, a surprising amount of energy will be lost – by half when full. Be careful!

Collect BSAA emblems

Some of the exchangeable items on Bonus Feature will be unlocked depending on the number of collected BSAA emblems. There will be hidden alternate costumes. You can verify the locations of the emblems on each chapter on Chapter Select Screen to locate what you missed.

Provoke your enemy

Push both L & R sticks to provoke the enemies. When you do, they will start walking towards you.

Finish Gatling Majini by yourself with a blow

Attack Gatling Majini's head. He will hold back. Immediately press Action button to finish with a blow. It will give him huge damage.

"Enhance excitement and have more fun by exclaiming at your partner."

More fun on co-op with exclamations!

If your partner nails a head-shot in co-op, press B button for Xbox360 or ? for PS3 right away to exclaim "Nice shot!" You can also scream "Help!" when you are troubled, and "Thanks!" when your partner hands you an item. Enhance excitement and have more fun by exclaiming at your partner.

Courageous Josh

You will have a chance to work with Josh on Refinery Stage. It will be a rare opportunity for anyone other than Chris or Sheva to work with you. Remember his courageous actions.

How to handle fearful enemy Leaper

His fatal attacks make Leaper such a powerful adversary. Use the sulfate bomb, electric bomb, or photoflash bomb. One single blow can take put him down to expose his Achilles' heel. First, use a grenade to throw him off, then damage him with powerful weapons like the Magnum.

Walk softly and avoid battle against Licker

When Licker is unaware of your presence, open the door quietly to avoid any contact. If you walk softly, unnecessary battles against Licker can be easily avoided.

"Reloading should be avoided as much as possible since it exposes you unprotected."

Speed reloading using Item Slot

Reloading should be avoided as much as possible since it exposes you unprotected. In reality however, it is necessary to reload your ammo. When needed, open Item Slot, move cursor over a bullet, and press X for Xbox360 / ? for PS3. Then cursor over the gun to press the same button to reload quickly. The faster you can operate, the shorter your reload time.

Use Sensor Bomb

The sensor bomb requires a little time to activate. When activated, a red poll will stand in the center of the bomb. Use it as a reference. Considering the time lag, it is better to place it in a little distance from an enemy and guide him to walk towards it. In case the enemy doesn’t step on it as you wished, shoot the bomb to blow it up. Easy to use and cheap. There are little reasons not to use it.

Kill all of the first Majini horde

Jumping off of a window at the first encounter with a Majini, you will be attacked by a horde of Majinis. Don’t run away into a hut, but try to kill them all. If you do, the last Majini will drop a topaz gem for you to keep. It will be hard to kill all at the first try. Challenge it after clearing the stages lavishing with as many weapons as possible.

"If you run out of ammo, pray and cut the veggies!?"

Item hidden in tomato

Items are not only hidden in a wooden box or a barrel. In fact, some tomatoes that appear in the beginning of the game contain items. If you run out of ammo, pray and cut the veggies!?

Collect Figures

Swap your figures as a bonus feature. The number of figures you can exchange will vary depending on your performance. View figures you swapped on “Viewers”! You can even hear them talk. Their voice is engineered to sound like toys to make you feel nostalgic.

Try the first "Resident Evil" VS mode

"Resident Evil"'s first VS mode will be distributed as a DLC. Fast-pace gameplay will increase the excitement. Team gameplay will be also available. Download and try it!


"Resident Evil 5" is in stores today for Xbox 360 and PS3. The downloadable Versus mode will be available "in a few weeks" priced at 400 points for Xbox 360 and $4.99 for PS3.

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