First 'G.I. Joe' Screenshots Are Half The Battle

Today Electronic Arts released the first screenshots for the upcoming "G.I. Joe" game "Rise of the Cobra."


By Sal Basile

Today EA unveiled the first screenshots for "G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra," the video game that serves as a sequel to the upcoming Paramount film. Coming to Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS and PSP this summer, the game boasts "an intense single screen co-op multiplayer mode" which will allow two players to pick their favorite G.I. Joe character, from 12 selectable characters, and fight against Cobra.

It hasn't been mentioned whether this single screen co-op is through online or if the portable versions will have this feature as well. Old-school G.I. Joe fans should keep this on their radar as it's starting to look quite intriguing. What do you think? Take a look.

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