How David Hasselhoff Found His Daughter A Wii

The "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch" megastar told me that he faced some formidable obstacles in his quest to buy Nintendo's console.


Earlier today I interviewed the one and only David Hasselhoff regarding his involvement in the upcoming "Ready 2 Rumble Revolution" Wii boxing game. We had a good talk about that game and other gaming projects both past and present for "The Hoff."

But until I transcribe the rest, I must start with you with this: David Hasselhoff telling me, in his unique way, how he got a Wii


MTV Multiplayer: WHen you got your Wii a couple of years ago, you played the celebrity card with the local game shop?

Hasselhoff: I play celebrity cards for two reasons: When I want to front row seats to U2 or tickets to Coachella and be backstage, all access, or I want to see Billy Joel and want to hang out. I want to cut the line. I really suck up to celebrity. It is my guilty pleasure…It's really frigging embarrassing.

MTV Multiplayer: So, please tell me the story how you happened to get this Wii? You called up the game shop?

Hasselhoff: Yes. And they said, "There's none left."

And I said, "This is David Hasselhoff, okay? I've got a daughter. I love my daughter, more than life itself. This is all she wants, okay? I don't know if you realize it but I'm going through a rough time right now. And so [laughs] this could really help me help my daughter."

And they said: "This is not David Hasselhoff."

I said, "Do you have one game, in the back, that you've held?"

They said, "We do."

[I said] "Hold that game. I will be over in 30 minutes." I jumped in my car and drove over.

The guy goes: "Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me? Knight Rider! Dude!" And then, forget it, any game I wanted. I got the Wii game.

My daughter turned me onto the Wii game. She showed me things and "Hey, dad look, you can do the yoga! You can do the exercise. Then it was "Guitar Hero," which is just sick. That's just a great game.

MTV Multiplayer: Do you mind me asking, when you got the Wii was that during the whole thing with the video and your daughter?

Hasselhoff: That was during a time that it was a good time for me to turn some things around in a positive way.

MTV Multiplayer: And she liked the system?

Hasselhoff: She absolutely loved the system.


I'll have more from Hasselhoff later this week, including his thoughts on being parodied in "Ready 2 Rumble Revolution" for the Wii. In the meantime, he asked that we plug his website, which includes: HoffSpace.

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images