'The Conduit' Won't Have Wii MotionPlus Support

The new Nintendo add-on won't be used in the first-person shooter for the Wii as previously touted.


Last year, former Multiplayer reporter Patrick Klepek spoke to High Voltage Software chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger about how excited the company was to utilize all of the Wii's capablities, such as the Wii MotionPlus add-on.

However, Klepek just reported over at 1UP that the feature will no longer be supported in the game. Nofsinger told 1UP via e-mail:

"We _could_ have included support for Wii MotionPlus as Nintendo provided us with early hardware and good developer support. However when we actually implemented it for the Conduit, it didn't really add anything for our primarily ranged combat. We had hoped that it would allow for better off screen IR tracking, but the device seems to lend itself more naturally for hand to hand combat where the player can calibrate in-between bouts. And that just doesn't feel like an optimal fit for how we had designed our moment to moment gameplay."

"The Conduit" will still support WiiSpeak and is slated to come out in June.

Why The Conduit Dropped Wii MotionPlus Support [1UP]

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